Twipes | The world's fastest biodegradable wet wipes

Twipes are wet wipes that can biodegrade within 3 hours, meaning no more sewer blockages or fatbergs.


We use toilet paper every single day, but surely it's time for an upgrade? Currently the toilet paper we all use is not antibacterial, and this leaves some users feeling unclean - resulting in 14% of people in the bathroom using wet wipes alongside toilet paper.

Unflushable wipes block pipes, sewers and wash up on beaches - causing huge damage to the environment and costing water companies across Europe over a staggering €180 million each year to clean up.

This is where Twipes come in - the world's first truly flushable wet wipes.


Whilst other wet wipes take a minimum of 100 days to break down in water, Twipes break down into their basic elements in just 3 hours. This means that blockages in sewers or pipes, and general mess within our environment is completely avoided.

Check out Twipes in action below - from left to right, the wipe has been submerged in water for 0, 1, 2, and 3 hours. These guys do not mess around.

So, here are some more benefits...
  • Unlike ordinary wet wipes, Twipes come on a plastic roll and can fit into existing toilet paper holders.
  • Twipes have antibacterial elements making them cleaner than toilet paper.
  • Twipes are alcohol-free and paraben-free, making them great for use on sensitive skin.
  • Due to their flushable technology, Twipes are extremely eco-friendly.
Twipes are halal certified, have passed asthma and allergen testing, dermatological testing and baby testing. After successfully raising €160,000 in investment for this project - great steps can now be taken for this product to reach the market, and to be used by you.

    Alborz Bozorgi and Ellenor McIntosh are the brains behind Twipes. Between the co-founders they are the Mayor of London's Entrepreneurs of the Year and 2017 UK's Womens Startup Competition winners, and that's just to mention a few!


    There is no doubt about it, Twipes have an exciting future ahead. Their aim is to expand by adapting this flushable technology into new product lines, including flushable feminine hygiene products or flushable baby nappies. 

    Follow them below to keep up to date with their movements.

    You can read more about products making a positive difference on SOLVO Product Design.


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