Lia | The first ever flushable pregnancy test confirms FDA approval

Lia is the worlds first flushable pregnancy test, that will make it more private and convenient for women to check whether they are pregnant. 
1987 - that is the year when the at-home pregnancy test was first introduced. But 30 years down the line, nothing has really changed - and the problems it cause really need addressing.
Traditional pregnancy tests and their lack of privacy is ultimately an anxiety trap for many women. And with the devices being so high in plastic, taking up 52% of the total cost used non-digital tests and this also unfortunately means that roughly 1,000 tonnes of the stuff ends up in landfill sites every year.
Meet Lia - the flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test.

Lia is made from paper which can dissolve in water, just like any toilet paper - and can also be composted if needed. But with all the sustainable benefits that this product offers, their is absolutely not sacrifice on accuracy with its 99% accuracy rate.  
Already having secured 3 utility and 3 design patents and with the market for at-home pregnancy tests increasing from $900 million currently, to $1 billion and above by 2020 - the future is looking incredibly bright for  Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson, the co-founders behind this exciting new start-up. 
They are also able to manufacture their own tests due to ISO-13485 certification, and more recently, having just secured  approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a huge milestone for the team.
Their vision is to build on the brand with a broader product offering around biodegradable healthcare items - but for now Lia will be available for purchase later this year. 
You can read more about products making a positive difference on SOLVO Product Design.


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