Be. | 'Beyond Electric', the first battery-free powered toothbrush in the world

Be. stands for Beyond Electric.

Unlike normal electric toothbrushes, Be. uses human movements for power. Simply twisting the bottom of the toothbrush twice powers it for 2 minutes - where it delivers 80,000 strokes using its patented multiplier transmission system.

Why is it so great?

Battery & Electric-Free - this toothbrush eliminates the need for any cables and batteries, a product that is completely independent of any electrical input - just brush and you make that input.

Sustainable - the toothbrush also comes with 100% biodegradable brush heads made from starch, bamboo and activated charcoal (charcoal is already used in some other toothbrush bristles for its whitening abilities). Be. is made from 90% post-consumer material and is 100% recyclable too.

Smart Technology - the smart sensor operates at the American Denial Association (ADA) recommended tartar-fighting pressure of 120g, which will help the user to brush thoroughly but consciously. This helps the toothbrush do most of the legwork to keep your pearly whites shining bright!

Travel-Friendly - if you're traveling for business, backpacking outdoors or just bringing your toothbrush to cope with the long hours at work - Be. keeps up with people who are constantly on-the-go. The snap-on case makes it easy to carry and fits 1 extra brush refill for longer travel time.

I dare you to find anything bad with this design - it's simply an easier way to use an electric toothbrush with no real harm towards the environment. 

But, what's the point? 

Every year, 15 billion batteries are discarded worldwide - with 87% of them ending up in landfills, 12% of them incinerated, and only 1% are recycled.

If we lined up all the batteries back to back that the world uses in just one year, it would be 466,000 miles long. That is long enough to wrap around the Earth 18 times!

That's the point.

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